Mar 122011

The bicycle’s concept bases on robustness and reliability, yet being still a considerably lightweight, in order to be able to climb a mountain. I built it basically on my own, mainly because I want to know how this vehicle works in order to be able to repair it but also because no bicycle manifacturer could offer me a bike suiting to my needs for a reasonable price. This allowed me also to invest in some higher quality bike parts then offered by most manufacturers (except you want to invest huge amounts of money).

The core of the bike is a Simplon Kagu frame with the Simplon F2006 aluminium fork. This has shown over years its reliability and comfort, whilst weighing only 1.7kg. It’s suiting perfectly into the concept.
The gear is (of course) a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14, because it allows a symmetric and therefore stable wheel. I think it is a technical masterpiece and I am quite proud driving it, actually.

I had a hard time deciding between the Magura HS33 rim brakes and the Avid BB7 disc brakes, but considering my total weight of 155kg (bike, luggage, water & me), and as it is foreseeable that I will have to climb and ride down some steep mountains in Turkey, Armenia and Iran, I opted for disc brakes. I think it is the better choice, but only time will tell (or the next time I drop it and the brake discs deform).
Suiting to the brake system I chose decent Rigida Disc Bull 26” rims so my fat 57mm tires will fit for the maximum in suspension and grip. I was lucky getting some of the last Schwalbe Marathon XR’s available in my size. Apparently this tire model was too durable so Schwalbe ended its production (it didn’t sell enough). What a pity that even a high quality manufacturer like the Ralf Bohle GmbH has to obey the principle of planned obsolescence.

Further details are Shimano PD A530 pedals, Ergon GC3 handlebars, a Brooks Imperial B17 saddle, a neat Surly steel chain blade and of course Tubus Racks (Logo & Tara Big Apple).

On those racks I use the bags of the Ortlieb Roller Plus line, together with their Ultimate5 Plus and a X-Plorer 35L, so I am able to make a small hike or just go shopping in the city from time to time.






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